“These laws are not about patriotism

“I made the decision to migrate to the United States because there are no jobs here,” he says, “that’s why women, children, everybody is leaving my country,” to make a decent living, he says. “My family didn’t have money to send me to school and have a profession. Maybe my kids can get an education and can create a better life for themselves.” Lopez says poverty forced him to quit school after seventh grade..

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Designer Fake Bags Trump often inflates his totals by including nearly three months when he was not yet president. At the time of this speech, almost 3.6 million jobs had been created during his presidency, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the 19 months starting after Trump’s inauguration, the economy created 3.58 million new jobs but that is still less than the 3.96 million created in the last 19 months of Obama’s presidency Designer Fake Bags.

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