So canada goose outlet location I would (carefully) drag the

what do you wish you knew or paid more attention to when you were starting out

I do not consider myself canada goose jacket outlet toronto a pro. apart from /u/mantic59 there aren’t many pros canada goose outlet 80 off here. Some soap makers, some vendors. Well. canada goose outlet winnipeg I don’t earn money with shaving, but I’ve been canada goose outlet vancouver wetshaving for more than forty years and the last decade exclusively with real lather and a single blade, canada goose outlet 2015 DE or straight.When I switched, I should have known this. I bought a Merkur Futur and Feather blades and got close, but unpleasant shaves. Tried different razors and got more or less close, but unpleasant shaves. Never cut myself (I’m good with blades on human tissue), but I never got pleasant canada goose outlet los angeles shaves. Until I switched the blades. Voila, the tugging and scraping stopped, only to canada goose outlet parka reappear with certain other blades. My experience sometimes matched other’s, but more often than not it was completely different. So when I read /u/leisureguy’s text, it all made sense:The experience with and suitability of a given blade in a given razor can’t be predicted from another person’s experience. If you don have proper lather you going to have a bad shave. Don have a sharp enough official canada goose outlet blade, you going to have a bad shave. Not enough water? Guess what.So many times that I was traveling, or supplies ran out, I should have just resigned myself to a day growth of beard instead of mangling my face and neck so that I could proceed to be canada goose outlet new york city embarrassed for the next few days. But I would like to share a huge misunderstanding I had since starting.I always hear people talk about one pass shaves. So canada goose outlet location I would (carefully) drag the razor across canada goose outlet in uk my face, no pressure, but long, long long, long strokes. Well. I looked like Freddie Kreuger toward the end.During a trip canada goose outlet online store review to Art of Shaving in DC, canada goose outlet phone number I opened a pamphlet and the pamphlet said to make short, choppy passes. That has changed EVERYTHING for me. I didn have a single cut this morning. I also used their preshave oil, which made a big difference as well, but I feel that choppy, short strokes was the secret. I even did an canada goose outlet in canada XTG pass, no cuts, and canada goose outlet seattle then an ATG pass, only one small nick.Previously an ATG pass would i was reading this have killed my face. Alum and styptic and witchhazel combined couldn contain all the bleeding. One of the things that screwed me up when I started was cartridge razors seemed to shave better with pressure on them, while safeties need ZERO pressure. When I switched, my technique didn’t, and I had canada goose outlet miami a bad time at first. Lesson learned: safeties are not cart razors; don’t handle them like carts.2) Don’t get a razor that’s too aggressive at first. It also didn’t help that one of my first safeties was a Gillette New, and those are some of the canada goose outlet in new york most unforgiving razors Gillette ever released. The combination of bad technique and an canada goose coats uk unforgiving razor is something I don’t wish upon new shavers. Thankfully I found a Gem Featherweight soon after, and that became my main razor for a number of years.3) Not all blades are created equal. Some blades are sharp as heck but not smooth, others are not a sharp but smoother, some are sharp AND smooth, and there are even a canada goose outlet store new york few that are just bad all around, and best avoided. canada goose outlet jackets The ones you like best may very well be different from what I like, and someone else’s may be different still. And that’s ok. There are lots of razors and blades out there. Be prepared to spend a little time trying things to find out what blades perform best for YOU, your razor, and your technique.4) Don’t be afraid to go your own way. When I tried the Gem Featherweight, I was all but convinced that safety razors just weren’t for me. And then I found something that worked, and it was a Single Edge razor, of all things. The world of razor designs is big, and there are lots of razors that can do a good job. All you have to do is keep looking, keep an open mind and don’t be afraid.

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