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I saw this Burberry bag and was like , “Oh good, Burberry is making cuter bags” and then I realized why I like it so much. It reminds me of the Proenza Schouler PS1. But now that I see them side by side, it is obvious who has got “it” and who doesn’t. Seeing both together, I would never get the Burberry, it is so stodgy and stiff. This just proves how subtle and gray the line is between hip and dud. Koodos for Burberry for trying but it’s back to the drawing board. Burberry convertible satchel for $995 at Saks Fifth Avenue and PS1 suede satchel at Barneys for $1595.

I recently bought the PS1 in black. LOVE LOVE It is a very modern bag.

I am going to have to agree to disagree. Judging from the photos, I see good and bad in both bags.

I see design issues on both. How do you open the PS1? Those two straps in the front would make me insane. The shoulder strap on the Burberry seems thin and easily broken if too much weight is placed inside the bag. I am wary of the (too seasonal for me) light colors of both bags best prada replica , especially on the suede PS1.

The overall appearance of both bags is good,just different. The Burberry appears to be a nice bag for work and the PS1 looks casual. It’s apples and oranges to me.

As a frugal snob, I would not buy either bag because of the prices. I would need a huge sale. I have seen Banana Republic and Georgetown Leather Design bags similar to the Burberry and similar styles to the PS1 in Coach and Sunny’s Surplus. Just saving my cash.

Have a good day!

They look nothing alike to me

i think they look nothing alike.

i also hate burberry with every ounce

of hate in my body. i love proenze shouler :]

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Look-a-Likes: Burberry VS Proenza Schouler

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