Once students choose to enroll

cheap nike shoes Our continued growth has created new opportunities and new positions.We surround our students with a customized team dedicated to seeing them through the process, from admissions to graduation. We will talk through students’ present life situations, and evaluate current and future job opportunities to determine their best career directions and the most appropriate academic paths. Once students choose to enroll, our team of industry professionals from admissions, financial aid, career services, and academics services support them throughout their programs and beyond.Our career services team offers students support in preparing for the job search with the latest strategies in finding a career, resume review, interview preparation, and portfolio development to become not only a college graduate but whatever their career goals may be! We partner with employers in each campus location to ensure that our students graduate with an understanding of the local job markets and with connections in their fields through internship opportunities.Why are we a great place to work? First and foremost, we offer the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of students who are considering going back to college. cheap nike shoes

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