He gives us that threat, and we probably haven’t seen it

OnePlus 6 vs. Apple iPhone 8 Google Pixel 3 vs. Xiaomi Mi A2 vs. We’ve got a mixture of four, so when we need to change it in a game we can.”Wycombe would be a great example of when we had to change it, and with a drive from midfield he got the goal. He gives us that threat, and we probably haven’t seen it enough due to opportunities.”That Wycombe game, towards the end of last season, saw Lewis come off the bench to grab a last minute equaliser at Adams Park and Dunne wants to see more of those lung bursting runs.Injuries to old hands has cost us, says Cambridge United boss”It’s good to have him back as he’s been out for a long time,” Dunne added. “He gives us a bit of height in the team and character too, and it’s like having a fresh signing in the group.”We probably haven’t seen the best of Paul as he hasn’t played many back to back consecutive games, but there are other reason for that, like the form of George and Gary.”With the size of the squad there will be increased opportunities, and it’s about taking them when they come along.

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