You are not doing this for you

Ocean’s 8 is good

cheap jordans for sale online free shipping ‘In this chicks rule the roost universe, the men are non existent, untrustworthy or plain incompetent and it’s the women who are providing for each other’s fantasies.’ cheap jordans for sale online free shipping

cheap jordan 4 Sreehari Nair applauds Ocean’s 8. cheap jordan 4

cheap jordans size 6 Wouldn’t it break Steven Sodenbergh’s heart to know that scenes and plot lines from his Ocean’s series of heist movies are now referenced by professors of top cheap jordans free shipping Indian cheap jordans in china MBA Colleges while explaining topics such as Leadership and Team Building? cheap jordans size 6

‘As this slide will tell you,’ says the most modish professor of strategic management, ‘Danny Ocean had one goal but he also knew the power of many hands.’

Sodenbergh clearly meant his Ocean’s films to be consumed as all surface, all gloss caper comedies, but we Indians are forever tied to our habit of discovering depth when there is absolutely none. (An addendum to this tidbit: Madhur Bhandarkar’s Corporate is a huge favourite of many corporate management professors).

The Sodenbergh produced, Gary Ross directed, Ocean’s 8, however, leaves no room for you to mistake gloss for anything profound.

super cheap jordan shoes No MBA professor, I assure you, will ever put this movie up on a classroom presentation. super cheap jordan shoes

buy cheap jordans from china That said, Ocean’s 8 does not make a hash of the series and is cheap cheap jordans sale air jordan good, glossy fun all the way. So consistently glossy, it glosses over not just aspects such as character development and character motivations but even its high points. buy cheap jordans from china

cheap jordans $30 free shipping Nothing is held for too long for cheap yeezys it to cheap jordans for sale seem deep, and no line is uttered so as to make it sound like a parable. cheap jordans $30 free shipping

cheap real jordans Even a great bit of female hipster philosophy, with Sandra Bullock’s Debbie Ocean saying to her team before the grand heist, ‘You are not doing this for me. You are not doing this for you. Somewhere out there is an eight year old girl dreaming of becoming a criminal. Do this for her,’ is delivered with an air of total casualness. cheap real jordans

And yet, just go over that line in your head and you will understand how it inverts both the history of movies and the history of female chastity.

In a prior scene, Debbie, in cheap adidas the process of assembling Cheap jordans her crack heist team tells Lou (Cate Blanchett) about her No Men policy in these terms: “A ‘him’ gets noticed; a ‘her’ gets ignored.

cheap jordan 12 shoes By the time you have grasped the magic in a line, or the subversion cheap jordans shoes in a moment, Ocean’s 8 would have moved on. cheap jordan 12 shoes

order jordans online cheap If you stop for cheap jordan sneakers empowerment, you may lose the plot. order jordans online cheap

cheap air jordans china The unsaid truth of Ocean’s 8 is that the women in the film have all evolved beyond cries of empowerment. cheap air jordans china

They know they are better than the men and so they treat them like accessories they are ‘trying the men on’.

cheap jordans under 60 dollars These women make the men ‘characters in their plan’ and discard them when they become too big for their closets. cheap jordans under 60 dollars

And here’s the beautiful part.

Movies such as Ocean’s 8 or Veere cheap jordans from china Di Wedding (a terribly directed movie that works primarily because it defines ‘The New Indian Superficial’) are bringing the women to them.

These are not movies that offer women any ‘reflection’ oh no, let’s be clear cheap jordans china about that.

cheap high quality jordans But one look at the women who’re cheap air force treating these movies as events to be attended with their gal pals, and cheap jordans online you realise that they are not just having fun, but also discovering a sense of ‘self’ within all that glossiness. cheap high quality jordans

cheap air jordans for sale A sense of ‘self’ without any guilt: these movies are Auto Erotic. cheap air jordans for sale

Fast Cars and Dumb Big Action pictures have been supplying male audiences with this kind of Auto Eroticism, but women have traditionally slept through those idiocies.

cheap jordans good quality As a contrast, during Ocean’s 8, I watched a chunky Punjabi cheap jordans on sale girl put her popcorn basket away, uncross her legs, and lean forward as up on the screen, Cate Blanchett, wearing tight leather pants mounted her motorcycle and went zipping off. cheap jordans good quality

In this chicks rule the roost universe, the men are non existent, untrustworthy or plain incompetent cheap nike shoes and it’s the women who are providing cheap Air max shoes for each other’s fantasies.

buy cheap jordans online real Baby faced Tammy (Sarah Paulson) seems always alert to Debbie’s overpowering physical presence. And later, when she catches a peek of Debbie’s ex boyfriend (the smooth, suave hack, Claude Becker, played by Richard Armitage), Tammy is curious: ‘What did you see in that schmuck, anyway?’ buy cheap jordans online real

cheap jordan true flight Debbie Ocean, Lou, and Tammy get the most face time, but it’s a team of seven that Ocean assembles to steal the ‘big steal’ a $150 million necklace, Cartier’s the Toussaint. cheap jordan true flight

Blanchett and Bullock speaking through gum and a cold respectively, complete each other’s lines with smirks, seemingly pleased with themselves.

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