Together with the Alife project that we revealed to you just

Yo! MTV Raps x Puma – Big Daddy Kane

Once again Puma honors Yo! MTV Raps and some of moncler outlet the most influential rap legends of the time –  featuring Doctor Dre and Ed Lover, Big Daddy Kane, MC Shan and Doug E. Fresh — cheap moncler coats all of cheap moncler jackets those who fathered the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. PUMA will honor these artists, and “YO! cheap moncler outlet MTV Raps,” with a collection of fresh moncler outlet online apparel and shoes in buy moncler jackets typical PUMA moncler outlet store style. Big Daddy moncler sale Kane was one of the first rap artists to take on the suave pimp persona, and moncler sale outlet his shoes exemplify that. The black and gold cheap moncler sale Suedes feature a black patent PUMA form stripe, patent leather detailing, and an embroidered image of his signature gold monlcer down jackets chain. Other cheap moncler distinct characteristics include the special YO! lace, a gold shoe liner with the BDK stamp, “Big Daddy” on the left tongue and “Kane” on the right, and the YO! logo on each heel.  A black hoodie with initials ‘BDK’ adorn the front, while Big Daddy Kane is written across the back.  A crisp white t-shirt with further images of his gold chains, rounds off the look.Without a doubt this is one of the strongest Puma website moncler outlet collaboration projects we have seen. Together with the Alife project that we revealed to you just the other day, Puma is on a run. This collaboration will land in stores as of September 15th. After the jump more detailed pictures of the Big Daddy moncler outlet sale Kane sneakers and moncler mens jackets apparel.

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