“TIL Ridley Scott tried to make Gladiator (2000) an authentic

rkgregory comments on how to use trousers as a floatation device

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canada goose deals TIL The band blink 182 officially named their holding company Poo Poo Butt Inc. “We did it because it was the most immature, dumbest thing ever,” DeLonge said. “We canada goose outlet online uk thought it would be funny to have our accountants, managers and attorneys having to say that over the phone every day.”TIL Ridley Scott tried to make Gladiator (2000) an authentic representation of Ancient Rome. canada goose deals

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canada goose clearance Instead these new comers want to improve (lel) the game. So now we have people playing golf in VR headsets, three pointers from sandpits, canada goose outlet online store and mulligans because you dropped your tendies. What was once sweet, a redemption of the lost digg, is now becoming bitter canada goose clearance.

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