It keeps the children off the roads

When Navya Singh heard linked website replica bags she’d won the case in the high court, she reacted as only a seven year old would. She let out a long squeal and leapt up to punch the air.Every day after finishing their homework, she and her friends would go out to play in the park, which residents believe is the biggest blessing of the colony, a set of lungs in a jungle of concrete.It keeps the children off the roads.There is a see saw and there were a couple of swings until the government stepped in and announced that the park would be redeveloped as a community centre.The residents were perplexed and angry.First, a temple that had come up in the park had steadily encroached on playing space.Then the government gave permission to a mobile company to erect a mobile tower right in the middle of children play area.And now, a community centre that would raze the park altogether.Dheeraj adores his daughter, but treats her like an adult.The decision was: We have to save the park.Instead of processions and petitions, Dheeraj suggested a twin pronged action plan: Write to the prime minister and file a case in court. He is a lawyer himself but he sought help from friends to draft a petition.Meanwhile, Navya was hard at work, writing a letter that would befit the prime minister.Embellished with crayon drawn flowers, a rising sun and butterflies, the letter said: ‘Everyone says you will not read it because you receive 1,000 such letters.

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