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moncler sale Bath Conservatives Discount Moncler Coats refuse to reveal who sent infamous food poverty tweetThe association said volunteers run its social media accounts and that the message was posted ‘in the heat of a discussion’Jack Monroe was brought into a discussion about food poverty moncler outlet usa on TwitterGet Daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you moncler outlet ny for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThe Bath Conservatives Association has refused to moncler outlet kids identify the tweeter behind a cheap moncler jackets wholesale controversial food poverty message sent from its account online.In a statement issued to the Chronicle, the association also said individuals who contribute to their social media accounts are volunteers and that the tweet was published in “the heat of the moment”.The now deleted tweet was sent from the Bath Conservative party Twitter account at 6.55pm on February their website 17.Jack, who has a young son, quickly responded by saying “I am not their poster girl”.Read MoreBath Conservatives poverty tweetThe association said it is now putting into place a more “robust approval approach” for its social media strategy going forwards. The person who sent the infamous tweet is “deeply upset”.Prominent local Conservatives, including council leader Tim Warren, moved quickly to distance themselves from the tweet and the views it expressed.Jack, a 29 year old blogger said: “My first response was no, just no.”In 2011 I was working in a 999 control room and I had just had a young child and I couldn’t work the shift system, in the end, I resigned.”I ended up living in poverty for two years, the recession had hit and I was applying for jobs but getting nowhere.”The benefit agencies deemed I made myself unemployed and I was in rent arrears because of it.”That moncler outlet came from a painful experience so to see Bath Conservatives using me as a role model was shocking.”The point is nobody should have to do that. It made me angry because I was in the position I was in because of the Conservative policy.”I’m not their poster girl.”When I saw it I was raging with fury but it’s infuriating that it’s from a faceless account.”The tweet has since been deleted from the accountJack has since posted on her website that the episode has left them feeling “emotionally bruised and battered.” moncler sale.

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