Imagine there would be no way to get any payments in cash

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canada goose deals 29 points submitted 2 days agoThey dont need a blockchain. Nor does Canada Goose Coats On Sale the vast majority of companies/platforms. There a reason blockchain has been around for decades and only canada goose coats been used for currencies.Edit: Just so you all Canada Goose Jackets know. Blockchain tech has existed and been theorized since 1991, so 27 years (if I did my math right, im quite tired). Dont be so naive guys. I hope crypto does do extremely well! Obviously, I have a user name about crypto and run canada goose uk black friday a website on crypto as well as canada goose coats on sale im heavily invested in canada goose uk outlet crypto. I want this shit to succeed! But, I am also not delusional that canada goose uk shop this is a complete cheap Canada Goose gamble on tech that could be relatively a niche use. Canada Goose Parka 3 points submitted 29 days agoI used one last year for Chainlink since I Canada Goose Outlet didn have 100 ETH minimum. uk canada goose Usually you have to just find them, canada goose clearance they won be advertised here. Ask around in Discord and Telegram. That being said, you need to make sure the smart contract does exactly what is advertised, there are plenty that pool people funds and send them to a scammer, never to be seen again. The one I was in was made by a very credible user here on reddit that had done it for Canada Goose Online more than a few ICOs and was trustworthy. He was handling millions and it always went off without a hitch. Even if the smart contract is coded canada goose factory sale properly and there no ill intent from the Canada Goose sale pool creator, the uk canada goose outlet crowdsale address could be hacked (like Enigma) and then your money is sent to a scammer still. You have to be very careful with thisw1naRedditor for 3 months. 9 points cheap canada goose uk submitted 1 month agoGates claims that cryptocurrencies only have value in dark markets, that canadian goose jacket they facilitate drug purchases that lead to human death.That’s not what he said, but good way to twist things.He said because bitcoins was pretty anonymous and easy to transfer, it was a tool buy canada goose jacket cheap making it easy for canada goose store people to buy drugs, tax evasion, etc. And this is true. What is also true is cash has more or less the same use, and in way more important proportion than crypto.Any tool can be used to do harm and good. Don’t be surprised buy canada goose jacket if countries canadagoosejacketca want to ban crypto like web because canada goose black friday sale it facilitated terrorists purchase for bombs. This is a risk for the crypto market and it’s price.Blockchain tech can be dangerous if issued and fully controlled by governments. Imagine there would be no way to get any payments in cash. All your purchases would be tracked by the government and they will know where you did what you did. They would just canada goose have another tool to enslave and control people.If you are too blindsided, you could just embrace such tech without seing the actual Canada Goose online threat behind it, just because blockchain means good, and canada goose clearance sale nothing can go wrong with it canada goose deals.

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