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cheap jordans free shipping “Okay,” O’Reilly continued, “So that is the terror line, and you’re hearing it. According to a new Pew study the American media spent far more time on the murder of Tiller than on the murder of Private Long.” Two points here. First, of all, Scott Roeder’s recent statement cheap cheap jordans that more violence is coming is also a “terror line” where’s the outrage? And, as far as the media spending more time on the murder of Tiller what about all the hours you spent on Tiller’s life, since 2005? Also, as pointed out in the Washington Times, quoting Mark Jurkowitz of the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, “Tiller is already a well known figure in the media, and his shooting sheds light on a highly polarizing social issue in America abortion. The media finds such conflict stories very cheap jordans website legit attractive cheap jordans free shipping.

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